Algorithm Cloud

  • Business or personal account
  • Deploy any model/algorithm in minutes
  • Access to deploy, manage, and schedule through our site
  • We configure your AWS or use our cloud
  • Charged by algorithm per month plus server cost

Algorithm Cloud Enterprise

  • Algorithm Cloud but for your enterprise needs
  • Deployment portal customized to your business
  • Hosted in your private cloud or cloud provider
  • Air-gapped to your cloud provider or network
  • Contact to learn more Offers a Great Way to Add Algorithms for Marketing Needs

How Algorithm Cloud Helps You saves you months of development time to apply machine learning to your product use cases, or creating AI driven Apps.

    Algorithm Cloud offers automated API and client setup that inputs and outputs Audio, Video, Images, Text, Numbers, Arrays, Files, and JSON with just about any ML/DL framework allowing the flexibility to turn your Idea into quick reality that scales into a product.

    Bring an algorithm to Algorithm Cloud or work with us to create an algorithm for you.

    Signup and deploy an Algorithm as an API then take it and turn it into an App.

Example Use Cases Deployed in Algorithm Cloud

  • Marketing Campaign Apps: Computer vision based marketing campaign mobile apps, product identification in images, product placement in images

  • Churn: data sources in-jested to predict churn, churn reason prediction, churn approach prediction to bring customer back, network monitoring tools

  • Sentiment and context generation, marketing arbitration

  • Sales Leads: data to sales lead understanding algorithms, prediction of when high probability that a sale will occur, propensity to buy products, customer preference prediction, product recommendation engines, and lead scoring

  • Algorithmic Product offerings: suggestion algorithms, and targeted email campaign algorithms

  • Targeted advertising: predict when to advertise to people and where, and algorithmic dynamic pricing

See a demo of Algorthim Cloud to deploy algorithms or contact us on how we can customize the platform within your enterprise.

Free to try for 2 weeks, just pay server cost then simple pricing plans after that.

Automate Deployments

  • Deploy any model/algorithm in minutes
  • Deploy in our cloud or yours
  • All Deep Learning Envs (TF, Caffe..)

Immediate Setup

  • GPU, Elastic Inference Server Setup
  • GIT/Upload, easy integration to deploy
  • Simple interface to deploy ML/AI as APIs

Algorithms to the Next Level

  • Easy Algorithm Versioning
  • Easy Algorithm Scheduling
  • Easy Algorithm Management