Algorithm Cloud

  • Business or personal account
  • Deploy any model/algorithm in minutes
  • Access to deploy, manage, and schedule through our site
  • We configure your AWS or use our cloud
  • Charged by algorithm per month plus server cost

Algorithm Cloud Enterprise

  • Algorithm Cloud but for your enterprise needs
  • Deployment portal customized to your business
  • Hosted in your private cloud or cloud provider
  • Air-gapped to your cloud provider or network
  • Contact to learn more Offers a Great Way to Add Algorithms for Your Startup Needs

How Algorithm Cloud Helps You saves you months of development time to apply machine learning to your product use cases, creating MVP’s, or creating AI driven Apps.

    We offer automated API and Client setup that inputs and outputs Audio, Video, Images, Text, Numbers, Arrays, Files, and JSON with just about any ML/DL framework allowing the flexibility to turn your algorithm and idea into a product feature or product. Harness the power of AI through API based deployments to improve products with added features, add efficiencies to your organization, save on costs related to prognostics and diagnostics, or create buzz with the latest and greatest features AI adds to your products or make an App/web based MVP quickly to productize your technology and move faster.

    Bring an Algorithm to Algorithm Cloud or work with us to create an algorithm for you along with business need and algorithm roadmap.

Example Use Cases Deployed in Algorithm Cloud

  • Text: Chatbot Apps/Websites, text processing algorithms, sentence completion algorithms, translation algorithms, spell checking algorithms

  • Images: deep learning object detection/segmentation inference, GAN stylizer's for marketing, specific image recognition algorithms for product use cases, computer vision apps, VR/AR image processing, image filters, 3D reconstruction

  • Video: video caption processing, video processing/identification, video stylizers, object detection

  • Numbers/arrays: churn analysis, recommendation systems, prognostics AI systems, diagnostics AI systems, marketing prediction algorithms

  • Audio: sound reconstruction, audio processing algorithms, audio filters, speech translation, audio tagging and identification

See a demo of Algorthim Cloud to deploy algorithms or contact us on how we can customize the platform within your enterprise.

Free to try for 2 weeks, just pay server cost then simple pricing plans after that.

Automate Deployments

  • Deploy any model/algorithm in minutes
  • Deploy in our cloud or yours
  • All Deep Learning Envs (TF, Caffe..)

Immediate Setup

  • GPU, Elastic Inference Server Setup
  • GIT/Upload, easy integration to deploy
  • Simple interface to deploy ML/AI as APIs

Algorithms to the Next Level

  • Easy Algorithm Versioning
  • Easy Algorithm Scheduling
  • Easy Algorithm Management