Algorithm Cloud has great management tools built for you to effectively use your algorithm.

Algorithm Management Portal

  • Shown is Manage Algorithms for management.

  • Clicking Manage Algorithms at the top takes you to a page where you can see all the algorithms currently running, name, delete and status of the algorithms.

  • Click "Manage Algorithm" to manage a specific deployed algorithm of choice.

Manage Selected Algorithm

  • Once an algorithm is selected, you may turn on/off, view example client code to use the algorithm, set a schedule to turn the algorithm on/off, change the algorithm to a different version or roll back to previous versions, or delete the algorithm to stop incurring charges.

Use Clients

  • Clicking “Example Client Code” regenerates client code for use with the algorithm in different languages.

  • As can be seen the Python, Curl, Swagger code etc.

Algorithm Scheduling

  • Clicking “Algorithm Server/Schedule” produces a schedule for the algorithm to be turned on.

  • If an algorithm only needs to be used during the week for specific task, money can be saved to schedule the algorithm.

Editing Algorithm

  • Clicking “Change the Algorithm” produces the versions of a previously deployed algorithm that may be selected and used as a basis for a redeployment with new code or models.

  • Warning, this will interrupt or change the currently running algorithm.

Editing Algorithm

  • Proceeding to change the algorithm with a version selected, you may upload new models or code that overwrites the previous if the same name or appends to the version selected.

Editing Algorithm

  • With code or models uploaded, you are then asked to re-interface and test the code to re-deploy.