File API's

  • Shown in an overview of how clients connect with native languages or with swagger files.
  • Specific to files, a python class is generated with input/outputs in one of the ways defined
  • Notice just about every form of input/output are available for algorithm needs
  • Your algorithm can process, files, Numpy arrays, JSON, arrays and output similar data types
  • Common inputs/outputs are receiving files and returning files or returning JSON with information about the image extracted.
  • Algorithm Cloud currently supports 8 different types of API inputs and outputs of algorithms. Specific to the API's your client can download files, or provide inputs to the API in different ways and the server will provide the data in the form specific to the algorithm input/output defined in the figures below.

Security certificates, API code, server settings, software dependencies, clients, and production webservers are generated for your needs related to images.